My Go To Green Juice

Most people are immediately turned away from fresh green juice because of the color.  Some people are more adventurous and want to try it just because of the color.  I drink it knowing that I am packing a TON of green vegetables into a juice that you cannot taste at all.  All you can taste is the delicious taste of apple.  Sure you can taste some earthier notes of the celery, but I promise you that the flavor of the fruit is a lot stronger than the greens.  If you have not tried green juice before, you must give it a try!


When you make fresh pressed juice, you want to try to immediately drink it rather than store it to enjoy later.  If I am storing it in the fridge, I make sure to keep it in an air tight container no more than 2 days.


The green juice uses the following:

  • 3 stalks dino (lacinato) kale
  • 1 granny smith apple
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 2 stalks celery

The juice tastes best if all of the ingredients are super cold.  I sometimes pop a few ice cubes in my finished juice if I am drinking it right away.

Juice the kale first because it is the least water-rich ingredient.  Save the apple for last because it has the most water in it and will push through any remnants of the other veggies.


The juice will turn into such a bight vibrant green color with a nice foam on top.  You can pour this into a glass and skim the top of the glass with a spoon to remove the foam.


This green juice is such a refreshing and healthy treat to perk you up during the day.  I love drinking it before a meal or after a workout.

IMG_0381 (1).jpg

The green color may not appeal to everyone, but the taste is too delicious to pass up! Enjoy! 🙂




Questions for you:

Are you a green juice person?  Are you turned off from new dishes by the color that they are?

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