First Post!

Thank you so very much for stopping by our blog!  We have thought long and hard about the content we would like to include in the blog, and we hope that you get as much enjoyment out of reading as we do with writing each post.  Our love for all things food, fashion, home & beauty runs deep, and we assure you that you will find something new and interesting each day from our blonderful lives.  Please visit our “About” page to learn a little about each of us and our story behind the blog.  We hope that you enjoy this blog as much as we do!

With both of us owning fur babies, we of course had to include a little intro of each of them in our first post.  Just a little PSA that you will be seeing plenty of pictures of them on our blog!

Amanda’s Mojo


Mojo is an almost 2-year old French/English bulldog mix and every bit a puppy.   I do not see that trait in him every fizzling away.  Balls, ropes, squeakers, stuffed animals, dryer sheets, you name it, Mojo will want to play with it.  His little spunky personality keeps us on our toes the second we walk in the door.  I could easily own 18 dogs and have a puppy party every day of my life, but I think TJ would send me away to be with the dogs on a farm!  I never understood people’s obsessions with their dogs until we got Mojo.  I am now that crazy dog lady.

Amber’s Atlas


Atlas is a three year-old Australian Sheppard who likes long walks on the beach and a doggie treats. If he isn’t sitting in your face trying to lick you, his butt is probably in your face because that’s his favorite spot to be pet.

He is super playful and is obsessed with stuffed animals. He always has a favorite animal. He is currently obsessing over his otter. He will sleep with his otter, eat with his otter, pee/ poop with his otter, take his otter on walks (he will literally walk around with it in his mouth while I walk him), and that’s basically all he does.  We love him to pieces!

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